The British Stammering Association wishes to particularly acknowledge the following publications as the text of this website has drawn upon these books and articles available from BSA-Bullying and the BSA-Library.

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Stammering, a Practical Guide for Teachers and other Professionals, London, David Fulton Publishers.

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Speaking Out Articles

Some strategies that can be used to stop bullying
Speaking Out, Summer 2007, Susanne Rosenberger and Stephen Davis, Department of Psychology, University College London; Mark Dobson, Innate Youth.

Mastering Bullying?! Research with stammering school children and their parents
Speaking Out, Spring 2008, Katja Subellok, Nitza Katz-Bernstein, and Carina Vinbruck - University of Dortmund.

Should we stop saying 'we don't know the cause of stammering'?
Speaking Out, Summer 2008, Anne Smith.

Stammering children are still bullied
Speaking Out, Winter 2009, Stephen Davis, and colleagues, Department of Psychology, University College London

Parents of children who stammer

Their stories have been the inspiration for these resources. We hope that they will provide them with the information that they need.

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