Supporting a child who stammers in primary school

Occasionally a stammer may not have been identified in the Early Years when intervention would have provided the best chance of recovery. Family or individual circumstances may have made it difficult to identify a stammer until the child was older and already attending primary school. When this happens parents should still contact a speech and language therapist who ideally specialises in stammering so that support can be put in place. The school may make this referral if preferred, as long as the school considers it to be necessary and the parent consents.

Many services are able to work with the teacher as well as the parent to support the child. It is helpful to know that even if your child is still stammering as he progresses through primary school, support from a therapist, his teacher and you can help him to maintain his confidence and manage his speech.

Stammering need not hold you back

The BSA knows of adults in many different types of jobs, some of which call for a lot of training and considerable talking in the job. This should reassure parents that with support their child can achieve to his potential.

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