Learn about stammering

The main aim must be to take the mystery out of stammering by getting information about this complex speech difficulty from the BSA and this resource Does my primary school child stammer? When parents have this reliable information about stammering they become more confident about helping their child.

How can speech therapy help my child

Always contact a speech and language therapist, who ideally specialises in stammering, when you think that your child is stammering, or ask the school to do so. Most services accept referrals directly from parents. The BSA can supply contact details of your local service.

Therapy is always helpful for any child whose stammer is causing him problems. While Early Intervention gives the best chance of recovery, such is the unpredictable nature of stammering that less commonly recovery has been known to take place at an older age. Even if fluency is never achieved, parents should continue to take advice from a therapist and the BSA, as modern approaches can help the child to maintain his confidence and self-esteem, even though he is continuing to stammer.

Talk to your child's teacher

It is very important that every member of staff who works with your child has up-to-date information about stammering and knows the simple strategies that are helpful in supporting his speech. You can pass on to the school What school staff need to know to help your child. Staff should also be willing and able to work in partnership with your child's therapist who is likely to contact the school.

Remember that teachers are responsible for your child's teaching and learning and must respond to the individual needs of all children There is considerable support for your child in school from support for learning through the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

As long as a child is supported at home and school, with advice from a therapist as needed, then he can achieve to the level of his potential. Stammering need not hold him back and there are many examples of successful achievers in all walks of life to prove that stammering need not hold you back.

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