Learn about stammering

The main aim must be to take the mystery out of stammering by getting information about this complex speech difficulty from the BSA and this resource Does my primary school child stammer? When parents have this reliable information about stammering they become more confident about helping their child.

How can speech therapy help my child

Always contact a speech and language therapist, who ideally specialises in stammering, when you think that your child is stammering, or ask the school to do so. Most services accept referrals directly from parents. The BSA can supply contact details of your local service.

Talk to your child's teacher

It is very important that every member of staff who works with your child has up-to-date information about stammering and knows the simple strategies that are helpful in supporting his speech. You can pass on to the school What school staff need to know to help your child. Staff should also be willing and able to work in partnership with your child's therapist who is likely to contact the school.

Understand what factors will affect your child's fluency?

Children do vary and their stammer will be differently affected by the situation. However these are some of the common factors that may contribute to your child's stammering. When you know what these can be you can respond to how he is at the time and take the pressure off him for example by changing his timetable, and/or reducing the demands on him to talk.

Remember the simple tips

Simple tips to help your child

If you are waiting for your child to see a speech and language therapist, there are some ways you can help him with his talking. You may find some of them easy, others will need practice. If for some reason a therapist is not available or you are not able to take him to see one, these ideas will help you to support your child's speaking and will not make his stammering worse.

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