Why parents should build up their child's language skills

Any child benefits from encouragement to develop his language skills, as language is the basic tool for learning. However, this particularly helps a child who stammers as the better his language skills the more likely he is to manage his stammering.

We know that one of the reasons that girls tend to recover from stammering more than boys at the pre-school stage is that they usually have better developed language skills. At the very least, good language skills will help your child to be more confident about his abilities and raise his self-esteem. He will make more progress academically and socially if he has the confidence to express his ideas, even when stammering.

As we know that talking is an essential building block in the learning of language it is possible that children who stammer, even if they are comfortable with their stammering speech, do not get the reinforcement of their language skills by talking to the same extent as the child who does not stammer. This is because the stammer may lead to the avoidance of talking so the child has less practice with learning new words and pronouncing them correctly. Sometimes struggling to speak may prevent the child from hearing and monitoring his own speech and remembering words as he talks. Therefore it is very helpful for a child who stammers if parents can systematically help him to build up his language skills.

Parents should take steps to help their child to build up his language skills.

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