When can your child start at an independent school?

When can your child start an independent school?

If your child is already placed in an independent school with a nursery department then you are likely to have the choice of a pre-preparatory department with a curriculum to provide for the needs of this age group. Most schools will also accept applications for the 'pre-prep' for children not attending their nursery. The next stage is usually the preparatory school for children aged between 7 and 13, although some schools provide secondary provision for children from the age of 11 years.

Many independent schools have tests, interviews and assessments that can be very stressful for young children so when your child stammers it is important to try to reduce any worries he may have. Advice from a therapist could be very helpful and information and support is available from the BSA:Helpline.

Your child's therapist should also be informed about your final choice of school and may be able to provide information and/or advice that you can pass on to staff there. BSA:Education provides training for teachers to support children who stammer and can be accessed by your child's teachers.

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