Your child's personal passport

You will be asked to provide all relevant information about your child's development and needs to the primary school, which will also receive information from your child's pre-school.

Your child's personal passport

In addition, it can reassure your child if he helps you to produce a passport to give to staff about himself that includes information if he is stammering about his speech and other interests and needs. Making this could be a play exercise for him before going to the new primary school and help to allay any anxieties. It should be personal to him with his ideas as a basis. He could include photographs and his own drawings for instance.

My Passport: This book is about me!

Possible headings could include:

  • My name (title page)
  • Important things about me
  • Family and friends
  • Things that make me happy and how I show this
  • Things that may upset or frighten me and how I show this
  • How you can help my talking and listening
  • What I liked best at my pre-school
  • Things that I can do by myself
  • Things that are rewards for me

More headings can be added.

In the section about his talking, his own ideas about what helps him when he stammers can supplement professional advice. His ideas can be a starting point for any discussion of his feelings about his speech with his teacher when it is judged to be appropriate.

Personal Passport cover

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