You will be asked to provide all relevant information about your child's development and needs to the primary school which will also receive information from any pre-school provider for your child.

Your child's personal passport

In addition, it can reassure your child if he helps you to produce a passport to give to staff about himself that includes information if he is stammering about his speech and other interests and needs. Making this could be a play exercise for him before going to the new 'big' school and help to allay any anxieties. It should be personal to him with his ideas as a basis. He could include photographs and his own drawings for instance.

Preparing your child for primary school

You will be sent information about your primary school with basic details and procedures. You need to be aware of these so that your child is equipped and dressed as requested. Young children do like to fit in, particularly when they first start. There is also likely to be an opportunity for you to meet with your child's class teacher before he starts and in some schools the new entry of children are invited to come for a short 'taster' session in the term before they start.

It is also quite common for new entrants, particularly for the Reception class, to start on a part-time basis for a week or so in the September that they start. It is likely that your child's 'taster' sessions that went well so hopefully he should be looking forward to going, particularly if he has friends there.

Contact the BSA for helpful leaflets and give the class teacher details of the online training at BSA:Education.

Teasing and bullying

Even pre-school children may recognise that speech is different and are capable of making unpleasant remarks or even bullying the child who stammers. Staff should take action immediately to address this as their policy on bullying will require them to do and they should keep parents informed.

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