The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (SEN Code)
SEN Code

This will guide what will happen when you express your concern about your child's speech in any primary school receiving funding from the government. If your child goes to an independent school it is likely that these guidelines do influence their practice too, although of course that is a matter for the school to decide. The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (SEN Code) explains how assessment and support will be made for your child and every government funded educational setting must have a clear policy on this. You can always request a copy of the school policy on special educational needs for your own use. Often your primary school will have a copy of this on display.

Gifted and talented children

There is more understanding now of the need for schools to identify children who are gifted and/or talented so many schools will have a separate policy on this, or may include that policy within the general policy on special educational needs. Remember that a child who stammers has the same range of abilities as children who do not stammer, so is just as likely to be gifted and talented as they are.

Additional support

The SEN Code outlines the stages by which your child can receive additional support according to his individual needs. It can be very helpful for a child who stammers and it is important that parents do express their concerns using the Code as a guide. Many parents do worry that if their child is supported by the SEN Code and placed on the SEN register, as having special educational needs, that this will label their child in a detrimental way. This is not the case at all, as the information is only available to the parents and the relevant professionals. The Code is also intended to operate flexibly so that the child may be removed from the SEN register once his identified need has been met. The SEN Code is a helpful mechanism for making it clear that a child has identified needs that require additional support, usually temporarily for many children who stammer.

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