Stage 2: Putting concerns or complaints in writing

If your complaint does not result in a satisfactory outcome, or if the problem recurs, you may move to the next stage by putting the concerns or complaint in writing to the Headteacher.

Model letter: head this with your name, address, date as is usual, with a contact telephone number.

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Example complaint letter

As some parents are not comfortable with making written complaints, there is usually a template form available in the school that you can complete instead of writing your own letter.

The Headteacher should contact you after the letter has been received to arrange to meet with you. If you need help contact the organisations that offer support and advice. After you have met with the Headteacher to discuss your complaint, a plan of action and a time limit that you agree with should be decided upon. It may be helpful for you to request a written copy of this signed by you and the Headteacher, so that there is no confusion about what now should happen.

You should then be contacted again with the results of the action that was agreed and be given the opportunity to talk this over at a convenient time with the Headteacher from the point of view of your child. You should be clear that in the event of any more difficulties that staff observe you will be contacted immediately.

Generally the school stores written complaints from parents in the child's personal file. If the complaint involves a detailed investigation all information may be stored in a separate file designated for this complaint. When the complaint is resolved at this stage, its main points are logged in the Complaints Summary Record.

Hopefully you are now satisfied with the outcome and will not need to continue to the next stage.

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