Stage 5: Conclusion

When the mediator has concluded her/his investigations, a final meeting between the parent and the Headteacher is held. The purpose of this meeting is to reach a decision on the action to be taken to deal with the complaint. The mediator's advice is used to reach this conclusion. The mediator is present at the meeting if all parties think this will help a decision to be reached.

A record of this meeting, including the decision on the action to be taken, is made. Everyone present at the meeting signs the record and receives a copy of it. This signed record signifies that the procedure has concluded.

When the complaint has not been resolved at stage 5

The role of the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)

Schools must advise parents that they may approach OFSTED directly at any stage of this complaints procedure but should certainly do so if a complaint is not resolved at stage 5. In addition, a parent has the right to contact the Secretary of State for Education, and the school must provide information about this process. Obviously only the most serious of complaints will proceed to this stage.

The address and telephone number of OFSTED is:

2nd Floor,
Royal Exchange Buildings,
St. Ann's Square,
M2 7LA.
Tel 08456 404040

The Secretary of State for Education may be contacted by name at:

House of Commons,


Usually a record of complaints against the school and/or the children and/or the adults working in the school is kept, including the date, the circumstances of the complaint and how the complaint was managed. The outcome of all complaints is recorded in the Complaints Summary Record that is available for parents on request and OFSTED inspectors.

Complaints relating to Child Protection

In the event of any disclosure of a concern about child protection by a child or adult to the school or the parent then the Area Safeguarding Children Committee at the local authority should be contacted immediately. Complaints under this heading are only made available in confidence to designated professionals and the parents, as long as the parents are not themselves involved in the child's disclosure of such a concern.

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