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Personal preferences

Parents may wish to consider options in secondary schools that reflect their views on ethics, faith, same sex parenting and selection by ability or gender to name but a few of the possible personal concerns that they may have. Consequently, they may also wish to choose a secondary school in an area where appropriate further or higher education facilities are located as well. Some parents may wish to explore home schooling.

The best source of information to meet specific personal preferences will be found in most cases from local authorities, faith and community groups and voluntary organisations that reflect that interest, and local schools. Parents may also find information from these sites helpful.

Single sex education

State secondaries are mainly mixed but usually in every local authority area there are a number offering single sex education in both faith and secular schools offering comprehensive or selective entry. Single sex provision is available in the independent sector in both faith and secular schools. There is debate about the merits of educating pupils separately in this way.

Single sex provision is available in the independent sector in both faith and secular schools.

Schoolsfinder (provides profiles for all schools in England).

Edubase (provides lists of all types of state schools in your selected area(s).

National Middle Schools Forum (NMSF) lists these schools by name and local authority and has information for members.

Directgov: local authorities (This has contact details of all local authorities and you can access lists of state schools from their web sites).

Independent Schools Directory UK & Independent Schools Council (provide information about independent schools).

Home schooling

Education Otherwise (This has information about home education and can put you in touch with home educating parents).

Personal preferences

Faith schools

Teachernet: faith schools (provides a general picture of the number and type of faith schools with useful links to other sites).

Gay friendly schools

DIVA-Gay friendly schools (provides information about local authorities and some individual schools which are considered to be supportive of the children of gay and lesbian parents).

Passing Twice (provides an informal network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who stammer. Members can pass on and receive information that may be helpful when making educational choices).

Parents' online forums

Directgov-Parents (an informative government site with comprehensive information).

Gingerbread (offers information and support to single parents).

Mumsnet-Education & Netmums (provide information for parents on all matters and contain useful reports from parents of their own personal experiences of all types of school and often of named providers. Parents can also ask questions about educational provision as they choose and other members frequently give useful information in their replies).

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