Do staff need to know about stammering in my chosen school?

It is always ideal when your child stammers if staff are knowledgeable about stammering. However, this will not be the case in most schools.

Is my choice of school limited when my child stammers?


You do not need to restrict your choice of school in any way when your child stammers, as all teachers (and home educators) can learn the very simple strategies to support your child. Speech and language therapists often provide information or training for staff and specific strategies of support for class teachers are available at BSA:Education.

Personal preferences

Parents may wish to consider options in secondary schools that reflect their views on ethics, faith, same sex parenting, selection by ability and/or gender to name but a few of the possible personal concerns that they may have. Consequently, they may also wish to choose a secondary school area where appropriate further or higher education provision is located as well. Some parents may wish to explore home schooling.

State-maintained schools - In England and Wales, 90 per cent of children are educated in state-maintained schools, the majority referred to as mainstream or 'ordinary' schools.

Independent schools - have a range of provision and are found in every locality. Fees will vary considerably.

Home schooling - Home education is when a child is educated at home rather than at school. It's perfectly legal in England to educate your child at home and you don't need to be a qualified teacher to do so.

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