If your child who stammers was not making progress under the 'School Action' or 'School Action Plus' provision and has other complex needs that require a lot of special extra help, your local authority can carry out a more detailed assessment of your child's needs, based on professional advice.

If the school wants to ask the local authority to carry out an assessment, they should always talk to you first. You may approach the local authority yourself to request one and should then talk to your child's teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) first. You may decide that the process would be less demanding for you if you and the staff agreed that the application should be made by the school.

This assessment may conclude that your child needs the extra support that a statement of special educational needs should give.

The assessment finds out exactly what your child's needs are, and what special help he needs. It is only necessary if your child's school cannot provide all the help he requires.

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