After the assessment

Once special educational needs (SEN) officers have completed their assessment, they decide whether to write down all the information they have collected in a statement of special educational needs.

This statement describes your child's special educational needs and the special help he should receive.

Your local authority usually tells you if it is going to write a statement within 12 weeks of beginning the assessment.

If the local authority decides not to write a statement, it will explain the reasons, and tell you how it thinks your child's needs should be met in school or in other ways.

If the local authority decides not to assess

If your local authority decides not to assess your child, it must write and tell you and the school its reasons. If you or your child's school still feel that more needs to be done, talk to the school. The local authority could think about other ways of helping your child, including getting in some more outside help.

Your local authority should tell you about local arrangements for sorting out any disagreement informally. You also have a right to appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal, an independent organisation.

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