Annual review and meeting

Once your child is statemented then your local authority must review your child's statement at least once a year, checking your child's progress and making sure that the statement continues to meet his needs.

Your child's school will invite you to a review meeting and ask you to send in your views on your child's progress over the past year.

The review meeting looks at written reports and at your child's statement, and will see if it needs changing in any way. You are also asked for your views on your child's progress.

You can take a friend or an independent adult for example from the parent partnership, and if appropriate your child should be able to attend at least part of the meeting.

After the meeting, the school sends you a copy of its report. The Headteacher sends a report to the local authority recommending any agreed changes to the statement. This must be within 10 working days of the annual review meeting or by the end of term, whichever is sooner.

The local authority may then decide to make changes to your child's statement.

The BSA has been told about these problems occurring when a statemented child has severe learning difficulties and also stammers

Some parents have reported that when their child with learning difficulties has been statemented the provision of speech and language therapy has been inconsistent or not available to their child even though it is mentioned on the statement. Occasionally parents have said that while therapy is being delivered for their child's communication needs the stammer is not being addressed. Children with Down's syndrome in particular are likely to stammer more than is the case with other children and parents have expressed concern to the BSA that therapy for the stammering is not being provided, even though the parent feels that the child's stammer is a barrier to learning.

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