Speech and language therapy for stammering for children with a statement
Speech and language therapy

This is a complex area and therapy is often not available because the therapist makes a decision that to offer further therapy for the stammer, when the child is coping with other complex language difficulties, would add to the stress on the child and be unhelpful. Sometimes parents have said that they feel that their child could cope with therapy for the stammer and that the therapist will not offer it. It is important to talk with your child's therapist if you feel like this so that you do understand the reasons for her decision.

However, the BSA does have a concern that most speech and language therapists do not have the opportunity to develop skills in providing therapy for children who stammer and have severe learning difficulties. There is a training issue that the BSA is endeavouring to explore.

What can a parent do in these circumstances?

You should initially talk with the therapist who has been involved with your child to understand the reasons for any decision that you disagree with and, if you cannot reach agreement, you could suggest to the therapist that you both meet with a more senior therapist to discover what common ground there might be. If you cannot make any progress through that route then you do have the right to go back to the local authority and refer to the section in the statement mentioning therapy provision and request again that it be offered. At this point if you cannot reach agreement you will need further advice. See the section Get more advice as you may choose to pursue the issue by contacting the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST), an independent body that hears appeals against decisions made by local authorities on SEN assessments and statements.

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